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All the comprehensive knowledge, skills, and training programs for be an aviation professional.


Aviation Consulting

Braniz and Lloyds Aviation Int’l provides consulting services for aviation and allied projects, deploying its expertise in the sector to provide insights, intelligence and professional guidance.
The consulting business benefits from years of brokering deals and undertaking projects related to aviation on the continent, which is drive by the aim of promoting the development of the aviation industry on the African continent.


Africa Aviation Insights

Aviation Insights Africa (AIA) is a media-tech startup that seeks to provide news, information, insight and intelligence about the aviation industry in Africa, serving stakeholders in the industry with latest information, innovations and spotting emerging trends in the aviation sector.
The platform prioritizes the use of technology and data to track developments in the aviation industry in Africa and provide in-depth analysis of the impact of disruptive changes being witness across the African continent.


Braniz and Lloyds Aviation Training

Braniz and Lloyds Aviation Int’l offers an array of aviation training packages to Africans, as part of the company’s 5-year plan to train not less than 1000 aviation professions. This provides trainees the opportunity to obtain top-of-the-range expertise to practice in aviation and allied sectors

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