Braniz and Lloyds Aviation

120 Days Private Pilot
in Nigeria

As one the best Aviation schools in the world, we look to offer Private pilot training for aspiring pilots from Nigeria. This is the fastest route to becoming a EASA certified private professional pilot in 120 days of practical training.

EASA Pilot License Certification

Our training programs qualify you for EASA License certification, as a Nigerian, which you will obtain after completing the PPL training. So, you won't only get trained as a professional pilot but also with a certification recognized worldwide.

VISA Processing

We ensure our students are spared the hassles of making travel arrangement for their training from Nigeria. So, we take the visa processing hurdles away and liaise with partners to ensure our students get to the training destination in good time, and the easiest process possible.

100% Practical Training Sessions

The training program is hands-on, as trainees will receive the best of guidance from industry veterans. Steady practical pilot training with both simulations and live piloting experience that applies when becoming a professional private pilot.

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    What is PPL and how do I get into the programme

    PPL, stands for Private Pilot License, is the first of three existing pilot licenses. It certifies the pilot to be able to fly Single Engine Piston (SEP) aircrafts. We offer the European Union Aviation Safety (EASA)-recognised PPL, which allows you to fly plans within and outside Europe.

    You can get into the programme by enrolling with us through the contact details provided on this website. Onboarding is smooth and fast-tracked so you can easily get on your way to conquering the skies.

    What do I need to get started?

    To get into the pilot training programme, you need to indicate interest and enroll in the programme, which is run on a dual-location basis. You will need to meet the necessary requirements as well.

    Are there age and education qualifications necessary for enrolment?

    The ideal candidate should have completed at least high school and must be at least 18 years at the point of enrolment. 

    Start your pilot journey today

    At Braniz and lloyds Aviation, you get the best training for prospective private pilot from Nigeria or any African nation. We are one of the top aviation advisors with a solid reputation for professionalism, hands-on training, and an affordable training facility in Ireland.

    Since we offer instruction in both piloting and safety, and you may take a tour of our facilities, students won't lack for anything in terms of facilities. With the right surroundings, qualified instructors, necessary resources, and internationally recognized qualifications, you should begin your piloting career right away.